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“Not only does this CD [Rockin' Ralph’s Roadhouse] swing and swamprock, but it was drawn from the Katrina disaster as a play emphasizing the New Orleans area's unique vibe and contribution to American culture —thus expect blues, zydeco, cajun, a bit of country, jigs, reels, jazz, and a smidge of rock & roll. The combo's accordionist, Ralph Tufo, wrote the entire thing though the liner's more than a little unspecific as to whether the play was actually performed or not. If not, it should be. The character cast is well set up, and the songs indicate the narrative line quite well.

Miss Bon Vivant, Those People, and Alligator Stomp are my favorite cuts, all naturals for the stage as well as for purely sonic purposes, though Larry Plitt's haunting slide guitar in Down on the Delta bids fair to make the fourth place slot. Several cuts are less than perfectly polished, especially re: the vocals, which adds an extra element of down-hominess and rough-road light opera to everything. It'd be interesting to see just how this would all be carried off in the flesh, under the lights, and beside the roadhouse.”
Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Can we TALK about the Squeezebox Stompers? I mean, HOLY COW!! Please pass along our deepest gratitude to your band for bringing us the sounds of New Orleans - people were RAVING about it!! I just wish I could have taped the whole night. You really added that authenticity to our Mardi Gras - you were TOTALLY AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!"
Habitat for Humanity

The Squeezebox an eclectic and breezy mix of rootsy music - sometimes with an Irish flavor, sometimes Cajun. There’s folk, there’s blues, there’s Zydeco. It’s a mix of new and old, traditional but pertinent . . .Call the music what you want, but the Stompers certainly bring credibility to the project. All are veterans of the local music scene and have crossed paths musically over the past three decades. They also, despite differing approaches, tap into the same vein of experience and resources.
J.C. Lockwood, North Shore

“As veteran performers for the past 25 years, various members of the band have distinguished themselves as music award winners: Ralph Tufo with 4 Boston Music Awards and Larry Plitt as the 2007 winner of the Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest.”
Winthrop Sun Transcript

“How much fun is attending a Squeezebox Stompers show? I dare to say that it’s so much fun that the band should be banned in Boston and made illegal. Nawwwww. . . then we wouldn’t get to listen to their rollicking tunes and do the two-step and swirl around like we were all born on the bayou!”
Kathy Sands-Boehmer, Me & Thee Blogspot

“Listening to the Squeezebox Stompers is like taking a walk through the streets of the French Quarter. The Stompers keep the dance floor busy with their trademark Louisiana sound injected into every genre from Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, to country. They are a refreshing change of pace in New England, a long way from the warm Bourbon Street vibe they lovingly conjure with every performance.”
Brett Cromwell, Lowell Sun

"In the little community of Bayou Cove, in St. Bernard’s Parish, a little road house is still standing. Thus starts the first scene of Rockin’ Ralph’s Roadhouse, a play that includes the songs from the Squeezebox Stompers’ newest release. The CD evokes the tunes one might hear in such a place, the blues of “She’s Got A Hurt”, the New Orleans-flavored sounds of “Miss Bon Vivant”, the “New Orleans Waltz”, the rockin’ Cajun beat of “Cajun Party”, “Alligator Stomp”, “Sweet Cajun Girl”, and the “Squeezebox Stomp” a tune that might indeed be the theme song of the band that made the record… The band is tight and fun-filled with a great beat and a fine selection of Louisiana-styled selections to get your toes tappin’.”
Michael Lynch- Cajun & Zydeco News

Download Reviews as a PDF or see more materials on the band at the press page.


Arts in April Concert
Thursday, April 17th
North Shore Community College
300 Broad St.,Lynn, MA cafeteria (2nd floor)
Free admission.


















































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